Why Give Dogs Chew Toys?

Why Give Dogs Chew Toys?

If you have a dog it's likely you have walked in on him or her chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or on the leg of your chair. You may be fuming, but your dog doesn’t know any better. He is just trying to satisfy his natural instinct to chew or trying to find a new way to entertain himself when he isn’t getting attention. Dogs use their mouths and sense of taste to explore the world.

Adult dogs may chew on things to keep themselves mentally stimulated while puppies do it to soothe teething pain just like a human baby. Puppies get their baby teeth as young as 2 or 3 weeks, and at 3 or 4 months, their baby teeth fall out so that their adult teeth can start growing in. This is when they will feel discomfort and want to nibble on everything.

However, chewing may also serve as a health benefit for your dog. The constant gnawing helps keep your dog’s teeth clean because it scrapes off any plaque or buildup on their teeth. This will then help prevent bad breath and periodontal disease. Providing your dog with a variety of chew toys helps to maintain their dental hygiene and redirect their natural chewing tendencies!

Why Chew’ems?

Many dog owners try to satisfy their dog’s need to chew by giving them real animal bones or buying hard nylon bones from pet or grocery stores like Nylabone. These do give their dogs something to chew on and may help scrape the plaque off their teeth, but they are harmful because they splinter. If your dog chews off pieces and swallows, it can lead to diarrhea, choking, constipation, or even digestive obstruction. If these pieces are allowed to sit in the stomach for too long and the body is constantly trying to break them down, it could cause pancreatitis.

Chew’ems are made out of a unique material that doesn’t splinter, so they keep a dog’s stomach and intestines safe and healthy. They are also ergonomically designed with more chewing space, come in different sizes to satisfy all breeds of dogs, and come in different tasty flavors that won’t leave your dog bored during play time! Your dog will no longer feel the need to chew up your favorite pair of shoes!

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