Chew'ems Bone

The Secret Mineral

Calcium Carbonate is typically added to dog food as a safe preservative and color
retention agent. However, there are significant health benefits associated with giving our dog a calcium carbonate supplements when administered in the right quantities.


It is used most often when treating chronic conditions in dogs. Calcium carbonate
acts as an oral antacid for conditions such as esophagitis or gastroduodenal ulcerations and can be an aid in digestion. It's also commonly used as a calcium supplement in dogs with chronic hypocalcemia and to treat hyperphosphatemia associated with kidney failure.

Therefore, it serves as a type of calcium salt that treats pets with low calcium
levels and helps bind the phosphate in dogs. Calcium is essential for proper bone
development and strength, as well as dental health. It also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat, muscular growth, and normal blood clotting.


Is it a safe mineral for your pet? Absolutely! In fact, most dogs instinctively seek it out in nature. If you have ever seen a dog chew on a rock, he/she smells the calcium carbonate and knows it is good for their digestive system. In fact, it works so well, it is the primary ingredient in human Tums.

Chew’ems serves as a supplement of calcium carbonate! It helps dogs with digestive issues and contains minerals a dog is instinctively attracted to.

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